The Esther Movement 

The Esther Movement mission is to see lives transformed through intercession and identification of  issues that arise in our personal lives and the culture.  We must see the need to take action for our nation’s destiny and  the wellbeing for our future generation. It is important that we increase in knowledge, wisdom and revelation so we can bring impact and transform communities around us.   

We must work to strengthen communities through the support of right leadership, moral values, and the promotion of uncommon kindness for the common good. We are dedicated to effect cultural soundness through advancing unified faith-based initiatives, civic responsibility, leadership and values training, and community outreach. 

It is crucial that we as individuals fully identify our purpose and mission.
Each person has been given a Mandate whether that be for family, church, marketplace or in government.   The question is what are doing about it?
Do you know your mandate? Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we can use to move forward in any position God has put us in. 

We believe one of the most vital roles we can be placed in right now is not only for our families, workplace and church it is with the local government. If we want to truly see change we can no longer sit back and wait for someone else to do the right thing, we (you and I) must fully engage and make sure the right thing happens!  That right thing can start with prayer for issues, leaders and your community.  We encourage you to stand with us as we unite, encourage and bring prayer support on all fronts with the many issues we are facing.

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UNITY- Taking Action NOW
​The Esther Mandate
The War for America's Destiny

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    "The Destiny of America" 

"If there be a destiny, it is of no 
avail for us unless we work with it, 
the ways of Providence will be of 
no advantage to us unless we proceed in the same direction. If 
we perceive a destiny in America, 
if we believe that Providence has been the guide, our own success, 
our own salvation requires that we should act and serve in harmony 
and obedience..."
             Vice-Pres. Calvin Coolidge
             Memorial Day, 1923

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Taking Action for a Nation's Destiny